We aim to create a beautiful, functional home that will last a lifetime. 

Additions and remodels are a great alternative to building an all new home. 

We can help you create your dream home, whatever you need, from small to large.

Additions and remodels can add so much functionality and property value to your home!

​See examples of our recent work below:  

Cat Enclosure, Los Osos CA:

This customer wanted an outdoor area for her indoor cats, so Handy Home took the patio and enclosed it. Now these cats have a great outdoor space even with a large branch to sun bath on.

Bathroom Conversion, Atascadero CA:

A family of six with only one bathroom and a huge laundry room. Solution: move the laundry room to another part of the house and create a magnificent bathroom for a couple of teenage girls. A true renovation in every sense of the word. 

Water Heater, Atascadero CA:

There was a leak with the old water heater which damaged the surrounding drywall and the stand for the tank. The old water heater was replaced with a 40 gal new heater as well as supply lines, new gas line as well as a drip pan. Handy Home left the drywall open for a few days to make sure it dried out completely before new drywall was hung. Now everything is back in working order.

Handy Home Water Heater
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    Handy Home has successfully built it's reputation as being a cost effective & quality assured company when it comes to construction projects in San Luis Obispo County.

    Handy Home is a carrier of all California State requirements including:

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    General Liability Insurance '$2 Million' Policy

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