Our trusted, knowledgeable and reliable crew will prepare
the interior or exterior of your home prior to applying the perfect coat of paint to your property.
We work directly with the owners or property managers to facilitate clear communication
and ensure a timely completion of our projects.
See the value of your property increase by investing in a fresh look.

Painting in Los Osos, CA:

This was an extensive week long painting job. All the walls and ceilings in the house were covered with yellow stains from cigarette smoke. The crew cleaned up all surface areas with a TSP solution, and then primed the walls 3 separate coats. The job was then finished up with 2 coats of the Egg Shell paint color that was chosen by the customer.

Painting in Paso Robles, CA:

This customer had just bought their house and didn't like the blue and purple as much as the previous owners. They chose to do a light tan color throughout the living room and down their hallway. It took two coats of primer to cover the purple but the finished product turnout out wonderful.

Painting in Atascadero, CA:

Every inch of this house had some type of "paint make over". The ceilings, cabinets, walls, and trim all got a new coat of paint.

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