We aim to create a beautiful, functional home that will last a lifetime.
Additions and remodels are a great alternative to building an all new home.
Additions and remodels can add so much functionality and property value to your home.
We can help you create your dream home, whatever you need, from small to large.

Bathroom Remodel #1 Atascadero, CA:
This customer's master bathroom was all original from the home first being built in the 80's. Handy Home gave this bathroom a great "face lift" with two custom made vanity's, new counter tops, sinks, shower, floor, toilet and some new paint made this bathroom a huge transformation.
Bathroom Remodel #2 Atascadero, CA:
Mid Century bathrooms were often built to be utilitarian. The shared bathroom style was very popular in the 50's, but proves to be not as optimal to today's standards. This tiny bathroom was completely upgraded with new fixtures, vanity and paint. A custom shower was built in larger than the previous, and decorated with roman accent tiles. All of the plumbing, electrical and wall coverings were upgraded. Every project will have its surprises and this was no different. 50 year old worn electrical was found behind the walls and was corrected with minimum cost impact.
Bathroom Remodel #1 Paso Robles, CA:
This home in Paso Robles had the standard oak cabinets and viynal flooring. Our customer was ready for updated and brighter bathrooms, and that was delivered! New granite counter tops, new flooring, and all new paint. These bathrooms turned out great.
Bathroom Remodel #2 Paso Robles, CA:
Even small bathrooms can have a big impact on your homes appeal. This bathroom in Paso Robles was for a customer who just bought her retirement home and wanted an upgrade before moving in. All new plumbing and fixtures were installed including a new shower unit. The linoleum floor was completely molded on the underside which was unknown to the customer at the time. Handy Home carefully cleaned and prepped for new tile and finished everything off with a new coat of paint.
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